When Chris Ashton and Phil Robb founded Turtle Rock Studios in 2002, they wanted it to be the best place they have ever worked. We have taken their goals to heart and focus on how to always strive for that target. We want each and every team member to wake up excited to bring 100% of their creative selves. To do so, these values define what it means to be at Turtle Rock:


Our team is given both agency and autonomy to craft our games with their creative input. We show the path, how they travel down it is up to them.


All ideas are welcome and discussed, both for our games and our studio. If you have an idea, you can discuss it with the stakeholders. And if it’s good, makes sense and there’s time, it’ll happen.


AAA games are a team effort. No one person can make them alone. Working together is paramount and finding agreement through active discussion and listening ensures all voices are heard and all ideas are explored before pursuing a direction.

Be Creative Where You Want To Be


Work from home, your way. With a shift in the modern workforce, work in the comfort of your home with the setup of your choosing. Turtle Rock allows for and can accommodate remote work across much of North America.


We love to host events for team building both in-person and virtually to embrace the new work culture born from post-pandemic times.